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one kitchen, multiple stars. every plate a blockbuster, every bite a bonanza

Potential Engine brings LA's stage-stopping expertise for an omnichannel success story with a curated and battle-tested portfolio of diverse, daypart-dominating digital restaurant brands.

We ditched scattered menus, harmonized operations, simplified supply chains, and streamlined guest journeys with handcrafted interlocking digital restaurant brands. From gourmet pasta for cozy nights in, to mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches for office parties, Potential Engine offers crave-worthy choices delivered anywhere, anytime.

Our strategic, localizable brand portfolio fuels success, without sacrificing local charm.  Ready to rock your kitchen? Buckle up!

Potential Engine: Where taste buds get tattooed, every meal's a culinary riot, and your community thrives.


A culinary ally: We conquer chaos, you conquer the market.

dive into the spotlight with Cheebo Hollywood where your culinary close-up awaits

Tinsel town rumbling? Hunger ready for its red carpet moment? Cheebo Hollywood steps in, director, caterer, and culinary hero rolled into one. Unwrap your palate for a premiere of flavors, where fresh, global ingredients burst onto the scene in movie-worthy bites.

We're talking eclectic Italian appetizers to steal the show, French salads with Parisian panache, and pasta twirls worthy of an Oscar. Artisan pizzas? They're a standing ovation waiting to happen. Sandwiches packed with punch? Think blockbuster thrillers for your taste buds. And entrees? They're the leading roles, stealing the spotlight with every forkful. Cheebo's desserts are the grand finale, dripping with decadent delight.

Whether you're grabbing a quick bite under the studio lights or settling in for a full culinary marathon, Cheebo's got your scene covered. So ditch the popcorn and grab a fork, your culinary close-up awaits at Cheebo Hollywood.


hangover hero or cozy companion? Morning After Breakfast serves it up either way

Sunrise struggles? Whether you're rocking a dance floor hangover or craving a post-snooze feast, Morning After Breakfast is your culinary champion.

Ditch the guilt and grab the guac – we're dishing up vibrant local flavors that soothe the soul and tantalize the taste buds.


No judgment, just deliciousness made easy, ready to conquer your morning, one blissful bite at a time.

morning after breakfast

don't just eat, get welded to the flavor

Forget wimpy melts, this is where cheese gets serious. Welders takes the humble grilled cheese and cranks it up to molten metal levels. Imagine buttery golden crusts cradling rivers of gooey goodness, from classic cheddar & swiss to spicy jalapeno poppers and beyond. Think molten mozzarella cascading over smoky brisket, or melty brie mingling with caramelized figs.

Welders doesn't just fill your stomach, it ignites your taste buds and rewrites the grilled cheese game one toasted masterpiece at a time.

welders grilled cheese

angelic with a devilish wink

Forget halos, these angels pack heat! Our hot and spicy Wings unleash a fiery tango on your tongue, a touch of divine torment that leaves you begging for more.


Dive into the inferno with wings glazed in mango habanero molten lava or our buffalo sauce's fiery whisper, each smothered in velvety buttermilk ranch, an angelic refuge from the storm.