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Food Delivery

potential engine: revolutionizing local hospitality through digital brands


We envision a world where every brick-and-mortar restaurant can seamlessly become a multi-brand powerhouse, thriving in the digital age.


A world without clunky self-interested middleware.


Just one operator-aligned platform uniting a curated portfolio of own-ip digital restaurant brands crafted for specific dayparts, demographics, and local appetites.

Think beyond delivery. picture Cheebo's vibrant energy, alongside Stoned + Hungry's late-night cravings and Welders' artisanal grilled cheese magic, all powered by the same kitchen, staff and software, optimized for both in-store and digital orders.

A symphony to be orchestrated by AI. From seamless website and social media ordering to intelligent kitchen display systems, streamlined at every step, maximizing ROI and delighting guests.


Data as your secret weapon, guiding marketing and operational efficiency. An ecosystem isn't just about streamlining in the present – it's about unlocking untapped potential.


Think beyond just adding extra brands. we envision catering partnerships fueled by data insights, marketing campaigns informed by guest preferences, and a future where kitchens become a profit-generating data hub.

We seek to empower communities, not exploit them. partner with local heroes, share our expertise while nurturing unique neighborhood flavors. potential engine as a catalyst, fostering diverse, vibrant food scenes across the land.

This isn't about speed, it's about precision. our goal is to cut through the cacophony of middlemen. We have designed the infrastructure and mapped the journey.


Now, we roll up our sleeves and continue to build, brick by brick, brand by brand to create a future where local hospitality reigns supreme.

Join us, and step into the spotlight. Your stage awaits.

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