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joining forces, flavor by flavor: let's revolutionize hospitality, together

we're potential engine: culinary crusaders forged in fire

grit not just code

We're more than veterans of spreadsheets and servers. we've sweated in kitchens, calmed hangry customers, and kept digital kitchens humming late into the night. Our scars tell stories of battles won, each fueling our relentless drive to revolutionize hospitality.

wisdom woven into tech

Our tech isn't just automated scripts. It's the weapon forged in the furnace of experience, wielded by comrades-in-arms who speak your language – the language of rush orders, inventory whispers, and ever-shifting customer cravings. We understand your pain points before you do, anticipating industry curveballs and empowering you to conquer, not just survive.


join the charge rewrite the rules

Ditch the survival manual. with potential engine, you're not just taking orders, you're rewriting the hospitality rulebook, one perfectly executed dish at a time. We're not just starry-eyed dreamers. We're culinary crusaders, battle-tested and ready to charge alongside you. choose potential engine. It's not just software, it's recruiting a cavalry to revolutionize the industry, together.

the team


Christopher Petzel

Chairman Of The BoardInterim CFO, + Co-Founder


Ken Scott

Head Of Real Estate Partnerships


Alan Moore

CEO, Board Member Co-Founder

phillipp jann photo_edited.jpg

Phillipp Jann 



Paul Moore

CCO, Board Member Co-Founder

Branko Mitrovic 

Chief Product Architect

Dana Delman 

Co-General Counsel, Litigation

Christopher Flannery 

Co-General Counse, Securities + Transactionsl

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