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supercharging the digital hospitality revolution

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multi-brand magic. one kitchen at a time


We provide forward-thinking hospitality operators with a comprehensive digital platform and integrated brand portfolio to drive omni-channel revenue.

We acquired this platform via the acquisition of Potential Engine, LLC, the digital food service infrastructure of Byte to Bite Industries, Inc. including its digital technology, intellectual property assets and interlocking digital restaurant brand portfolio.


We’ll call this platform our Potential Engine.
In the last four years, Potential Engine has successfully launched, monitored, and marketed 50+ unique digital restaurant brands across 2,000+ digital storefronts serviced from 10+ kitchens in the Greater Los Angeles area and has generated almost one million orders and over $25 million in sales. Now is the time to take this platform beyond California.

We're on a mission to ignite a culinary revolution. We empower food service operators of all sizes – from bustling restaurants to iconic stadiums and beyond – to unlock explosive omni-channel growth.

Imagine transforming your existing kitchen into a multi-brand powerhouse, effortlessly catering to every craving, daypart, and local appetite. Our curated portfolio of digital brands, crafted with battlefield-forged experience, unlocks hidden kitchen capacity and expands your reach to a 24/7 audience. Join us, ditch the survival manual, and rewrite the hospitality rulebook, one perfectly executed bite at a time. We'll help you maximize your existing investment, dominate new dayparts, and conquer the digital culinary landscape, together.

Human warmth matters, but in today’s age digital prowess rules. Today's hospitality demands mastery of both. Enter Potential Engine: the data-forged advantage to unlock new revenue streams and dominate the digital battlefield.

We look forward to speaking with you about how our platform and services can help strengthen your business and put you, the operator, back in the center of your own universe.

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